Voltamp Controls (India) Pvt Ltd




The selection of an appropriate starting system for a motor/load combination has become progressively more important. VOLTAMP has ascended as one of the prime manufacturers and suppliers of Variable Auto Transformer Starters with leading-edge technology along with customized specifications in the core business segments of energy that brings state-of-the-art technology and value to customers through a precedence of high-end proficiency for absolute solutions in low voltage electrical and electronic controls in India.

The Company offers an auto transformer starter, i.e. a reduced voltage starter that allows an autotransformer to ensure voltage levels to be reduced to the extent of 50, 65, and 80% of full line voltage. In this arena, an Auto transformer provides a number of start voltage options so the starter can be systematized to provide adequate current to the motor.

The motor thereafter can gather the substantial moment of force and regulate the initial current The facility with these transformers is that they have a number of output taps and can be set-up to offer a single stage starter or multistage starters.The major benefit of the autotransformer starter is its greater efficiency and lower relative cost. Normally, the auto transformers have taps at 50%, 65% and 80% voltage, facilitating the motor to start at one or more of these configurations. For connecting an auto transformer starter, there are two distinctive ways and the most apparent way is to apply full voltage to the transformer by the use of contactor and relate the motor to the tap with contactor.

The VOLTAMP has capitalized qualitative varieties and industrial experience that has enabled to build a huge clientele in the country which reflects our commitment towards quality work.