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Voltamp is the leader in manufacturing of all types of Toroidal Coils for transformer and related applications.
Voltamp is known as a highly quality conscious manufacturer of Variable Voltage Auto Transformers under the brand name of Varivolt, Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers under the brand name of
Steadyvolt and Toroidal Transformers under the brand name of Toropower.
Voltamp is the largest exporter from India of Varivolt Variable Voltage Auto Transformers.
Varivolt is exported for the last 20 years to UK and also to Middle East South East Asia Far East Asia.
Steadyvolt is mainly exported to the African continent, Middle East and South East Asia.

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Voltamp Plans to setup manufacturing bases outside India in Middle East & African countries.

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Alternating current (AC) into Direct current (DC).


Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers.


Continuously variable voltage auto transformers

Sinetek Stabilizer

To handle large input voltage fluctuations

Toro Power

A range of high quality toroidal transformers.

C. V. T.

Constant Voltage Transformer / Ferroresonant

C.T.(Current Transformer)

For metric and imperial size bars

AC Synchronous Motor

Permanent magnet A.C. Motor

Low Voltage Transformers

Comprise of Auto Transformers, Double Wound / Isolation Transformers.

" VOLTAMP manufactures "VARIVOLT" continuously variable voltage auto transformers, STEADYVOLT  Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers, "Toropower" Toroidal Transformers,Constant Voltage Transformers, Rectifiers for Electroplating / Anodizing and Hydrogenation, A.C. Synchronous Motors, Current Transformers, Potential Transformers, Relay Type Voltage Stabilizers and Low Voltage Transformers. " VOLTAMP

"The hope of getting a stable supply is very remote in our country and keeping this in view, VOLTAMP CONTROLS have developed microcontroller based STEADYVOLT  Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers. STEADYVOLT  conforms to I.S. 9815 " STEADYVOLT

"Voltamp "SINETEK" Voltage stabilizer ensures efficient working and safety, of costly household electronic and electrical gadgets, giving you peace of mind and guaranteeing a long undisturbed life of your valuable and costly equipments." SINETEK